Welcome to Nacarubi!   The dates for 2013 are  june 28th and 29th

Nacarubi is a two night party / music festival set on a mountain top ranch on the spectacular rarely visited south coast of Big Sur.  We aim to showcase musicians with real talent / artistry who we feel are producing high quality underground new music unbound by any genres or scenes.  This is a word of mouth only festival.  We have no corporate sponsors and never will.  It’s limited to 400 tickets and always will be.  This party is by the people and for the people of Big Sur and a growing circle of friends / community reaching around the world.


NEWS:  The Nacarubi crew is heading into the mountains.  We are no longer to communicate with you via phone or email.  Check our facebook for any last minute updates before you head out.  If you didn’t get a ticket yet, don’t fret, you can get one at the gate for $120 (cash only, no machines out there).   One night passes are available at the gate if you plan on coming on Saturday.

The website should answer almost any question you may have so check out our info/packing list etc…  See you at the Nac!

Takuya Nakamura aka Space Tak is coming out from NYC as a last minute addition to friday night in the dome!